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Hello and welcome to my blog on branding. My name is Lisa Mitchell and I'm a brand enthusiast. I know it may seem weird, but I collect artwork from major corporate brands. As I expanded my collection, I wanted to learn more about how business worked, so I started studying the world of business. I'm not actually part of the business world, as I am currently a stay-at-home mom. But that doesn't mean that there are not a lot of things you can learn from my blog that might help your career or simply understand why I am so passionate about branding.


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3 Things To Know About Securing The Services Of A Bail Bonding Company

If you are arrested, you will want to work with a bail bonding company to secure your release. Working with a bail bond company is often one of the best ways to ensure that you get out of jail promptly.

Know What Your Bail Amount Is

First, you will need to know what your bail amount is before you start contacting bail bond agencies. In many cases, your bail will be established based upon a predetermined bond schedule, which the jail booking staff will use when you are booked to inform you of your bail amount. In that case, you can start calling bail bonding agencies as soon as you are booked.

If the jail booking staff determines that you will need to go in front of a judge, you will want to wait until your arraignment before you start contacting bail bond agencies. At your arraignment, the judge will determine whether you need to pay bail and, if so, how much it should be, or if you are going to be held without bail.

Work to Negotiate Your Bail

Second, you can always have a lawyer negotiate for a lower amount for your bail. This is allowed because the U.S. Constitution protects against things such as excessive bail, fines, and punishment. If you feel that the bail amount is unfair, wait to have your lawyer get the amount lowered before contacting a bail agency. First, your lawyer will have to hold a bail reduction hearing. Once that is done, then you can work with a bail bonding service to cover your reduced bail amount.

Understand What You Will Pay the Bail Company

Third, it is essential to understand what you are going to pay the bail company. You will have to pay the bail service a fee, which is based upon a percentage of your total bail amount. In most states, this fee amount is regulated by law.

The fee that you pay isn't something that you are going to get back. This fee pays the bail agency to assist you with getting out of jail and compensates them for putting up the money for the bail.

You will also have to provide the bail company with collateral that they can collect if you get your bail revoked. You don't have to give up the collateral right now; you just have to have it ready to give up if you break the terms of your bail.

For more information, contact a local business that provides bail bonding services.