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Hello and welcome to my blog on branding. My name is Lisa Mitchell and I'm a brand enthusiast. I know it may seem weird, but I collect artwork from major corporate brands. As I expanded my collection, I wanted to learn more about how business worked, so I started studying the world of business. I'm not actually part of the business world, as I am currently a stay-at-home mom. But that doesn't mean that there are not a lot of things you can learn from my blog that might help your career or simply understand why I am so passionate about branding.


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Making Long-Term Dumpster Rental Part Of Your Business' Waste Management Strategy

Running a small business involves juggling a huge number of expenses, but one that can be surprisingly important (and often overlooked) is waste management. No matter what type of business you run, you know that waste of all kinds can pile over time. Municipal waste services (if they even exist in your area) are often not well suited to the needs of a business, or they may simply be unavailable or cost prohibitive for business customers. This means that contracting with a waste management services company is usually your best bet.

For the typical types of trash generated by most small businesses, long-term rental of roll-on dumpsters is often the best and most cost-effective option. Renting a dumpster for your business actually offers a number of advantages that may not be immediately obvious, however.

Dumpsters Provide a Single Point of Access for Trash

Disposing of trash is all about keeping your business clean and sanitary. Proper waste management strategies involve minimizing the number of areas on your premises that come into contact with trash. By renting a dumpster, you provide a single point for your employees to deposit trash from inside your establishment. This prevents trash from building in places that it shouldn't be, since waste bins or other receptacles can be immediately brought to the dumpster once they are filled.

Your Pick-ups Will Be More Flexible

Dealing with weekly or biweekly trash pick-ups can sometimes be a hassle for businesses. It may not be a major issue if your business doesn't generate much trash, but it can become a huge problem if regular pick-ups don't come often enough or if you generate larger amount of garbage on unpredictable, high-demand days. Most dumpster rental companies permit significant flexibility, working with you to provide a regular schedule and also allowing you to request pick-ups after days where your business load is particularly heavy.

Your Business Will Be Safer

Not only does reducing the amount of trash that builds up inside your establishment make it cleaner and more sanitary, it also makes it safer. Overfilling trash bins can be a trip and fall hazard, and they are a hazard that can create serious liability issues for you. Since you will have plenty of room to dispose of garbage, you won't have to worry about it piling up in places where customers or employees might come into contact with it. You can also protect your employees from injuring themselves by moving heavy, full bags of trash since your waste receptacles can be emptied more often.

While there's more to proper business waste management than simply renting a dumpster, making a long-term dumpster rental part of your overall strategy can help your business to comply with local regulations while also being both safer and cleaner.