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Hello and welcome to my blog on branding. My name is Lisa Mitchell and I'm a brand enthusiast. I know it may seem weird, but I collect artwork from major corporate brands. As I expanded my collection, I wanted to learn more about how business worked, so I started studying the world of business. I'm not actually part of the business world, as I am currently a stay-at-home mom. But that doesn't mean that there are not a lot of things you can learn from my blog that might help your career or simply understand why I am so passionate about branding.


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5 Problems Water Treatments May Be Able To Solve

City municipal water systems and water wells can be adversely affected by a variety of contaminants. When your water is contaminated, it can result in a number of issues with your overall water supply. It is important that your water stay clear and healthy, but in order to ensure that happens, you need to stay abreast on the issues that may be affecting your water system and what can be done about them. Here are five issues that require some form of water treatment.

Hard Water

When your water contains an excess amount of magnesium, calcium, or other minerals, it can leave stains on your dishes, fixtures, and appliances. Hard water may also damage clothing, dull your hair, and cause your skin to become dry and itchy. To avoid and/or resolve this issue, a water softener should be installed on your water system.

Iron and Rust Stains

Have you noticed a reddish-orange stain in your sink, dishwasher, washing machine, or bathtub? If so, there may be an excess amount of iron and other kinds of metals in your water supply. If there is, you may also notice that your water doesn't smell or taste right. These issues can be solved by opting for a whole home water filtration system.

Bad Odor and Taste

Your water may not smell or taste very appealing if there are large amounts of metals (like iron), sulfur, hydrogen sulfide, and dissolved solids in it. You can contact a water treatment service to perform a professional water test on your water supply which will determine the contaminants that are invading your water supply and which water treatment solutions are best to address the issue. Depending on the exact issue, you may need a water conditioning or filtration system.


It isn't uncommon for chlorine to be put in the city water supply, but chlorine can result in your water smelling and tasting weird, not to mention the fact that it can result in dry, scaly skin. To keep chlorine problems from getting any worse, you should talk to a water treatment professional about various water filtration options, like activated carbon filters.


Has your water been a little—or a lot—cloudy lately? If so, this is a sign that there are dissolved and/or suspended materials such as tiny rock particles and methane gas in the water supply. A professional water test should be performed to determine the best course of treatment, which will likely include the installation of a water filtration system.

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