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Hello and welcome to my blog on branding. My name is Lisa Mitchell and I'm a brand enthusiast. I know it may seem weird, but I collect artwork from major corporate brands. As I expanded my collection, I wanted to learn more about how business worked, so I started studying the world of business. I'm not actually part of the business world, as I am currently a stay-at-home mom. But that doesn't mean that there are not a lot of things you can learn from my blog that might help your career or simply understand why I am so passionate about branding.


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2 Practical Ways To Save Money And Invest In Your Future

Would you like to save more money and make certain investments that will benefit you in the future? You may want to make sure you're financially stable throughout adulthood so that you don't have to worry about even the most basic living expenses. There are several practical things you can do to start saving and potentially build your wealth for the future.

Challenge Yourself to Save Money

If your main goal is to save more of your money, try to make it fun to set money aside by completing different challenges. For the first challenge, you could take an old glass wine bottle and begin filling it up with dollar bills. You'd need to roll the bills up to fit them into the bottle and it wouldn't be easy trying to get them back out. Continue to do this until you run out of space and then smash the bottle to see how much you've accumulated over the past few months. Place the money right into a savings account.

Another challenge would be to set a dollar or two aside each day. You could think of it as a cup of coffee from the store except it's going to your bank account instead of your stomach. You could continue to place a dollar or two into a large container each day for three months straight and you might have up to $180 saved. It's a stress-free way to save more of your money.

Start Collecting Coins That May Increase in Value

If you're looking for a way to invest your money, but you don't want to take too many risks with stocks and bonds, consider collecting coins instead. The value of coins may vary based on the precious metal they're made of at the time of purchase because the cost of different metals will fluctuate. You could potentially buy a few coins at an affordable rate when the cost is down and then resell them in the future when they've become more valuable.

There are some coins that have errors on them. Those kinds of coins are often worth a decent amount of money, so spend a few hours carefully examining all the different coins you already own. If you'd like some rare pieces because there is a fairly decent chance they'll be worth even more money in the future, you may need to spend some money. However, the investment could turn out to be fruitful in the future.

Challenge yourself to save some money as often as possible. If you continue saving, you can continue setting funds aside into a saving account. If you're looking for a way to invest so that you can earn more money, you may want to collect coins. There are lots of valuable coins that will eventually be worth even more money than they are at the moment. Contact a dealer, like Rogue Valley Coin & Jewelry, for help.