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Hello and welcome to my blog on branding. My name is Lisa Mitchell and I'm a brand enthusiast. I know it may seem weird, but I collect artwork from major corporate brands. As I expanded my collection, I wanted to learn more about how business worked, so I started studying the world of business. I'm not actually part of the business world, as I am currently a stay-at-home mom. But that doesn't mean that there are not a lot of things you can learn from my blog that might help your career or simply understand why I am so passionate about branding.


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Three Ways To Amp Up Your Business With The Help Of Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is well known as the celebration before the beginning of the Lent season. This means days of good eating, partying, and dancing. Whether or not your town has major mardi gras celebrations, you can celebrate mardi gras in your business. If you are interested in kicking off the new spring season by boosting your business, you can use the playful nature of mardi gras to help with this task. Here are three ways to amp up your business with the help of the mardi gras celebrations. 

Include decorations and goodies

One of the things that most people love about mardi gras is the food. King cake, pancakes, and other hearty meals are used for the mardi gras celebration. Use mardi gras decorations for your  Food is always an attractor for shoppers and clients. Host a shopping and sweets day or night and serve traditional New Orleans or mardi gras fare and sample. The food and celebration will draw interested prospects, as well as customers who ordinarily like shopping in your store.

Use Mardi Gras to roll out new items

Mardi gras means the coming of good things and new life during the Lent season. Roll out your new spring season items and introduce them with a good sale. Spring season is also the time that a lot of people will be shedding their old fall and winter clothing and hobbies for new, warmer clothing and hobbies. Introducing a new product or clothing line during a time that people are thinking of making changes is best. Mardi gras is also a good time to remind people of the upcoming spring break. If you have products that aid with spring break, introduce these during the mardi gras sale. 

Free mardi gras trip

The best place to celebrate mardi gras is in New Orleans, Louisiana. Put together a promotion that offers a free plane ticket and hotel accommodations to the next mardi gras for the person who wins the next drawing. Each customer can be entered each time they make a purchase at your store. This will help to increase the sales that you make, plus it will provide a cool incentive for those who enjoy your items to give your products a try. Hold the contest drawing on the day of mardi gras for this year to extend the contest period as long as possible and to celebrate the coming of the new season.